Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission’s Disclosure Compliance guidelines have been set in place for ensuring that viewers or readers of any web media know if the publisher/blogger is endorsed, sponsored, or partnered with some company. It’s the reader’s right to know if the publisher/blogger earns money by sharing information about a particular product or a link.

Complying with the FTC rules, we disclose here that all the links we share here at are affiliate links against which we get a minor compensation on sales of specific items.

Understanding Affiliate Links

Whenever you click on a third-party affiliate link on for buying a specific product, you are buying directly from the seller and not from All purchases are made on the affiliate sites and not ours.

Amazon or other similar affiliate partners pay a little amount as commission to help generate sales on that platform.

The prices do not change for the customers whether they land on the product page directly or through our affiliate links. You click on the affiliate links on our website does not make any changes to the prices that are charged for buying a product. Nothing else changes either if you buy something through an affiliate link.

At, we mainly work with two types of affiliate links. These include the following.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Links

We participate in the affiliate advertisement program of the Amazon Services LLC which has been designed to offer website owners a way to earn money by being affiliate partners to A link to Amazon and its affiliated websites, as well as other websites that might have the Amazon affiliation, can help website owners a small fee when a reader clicks on that link.

  1. Product Affiliate Links

Clicking on the product affiliate links and buying a product will help receive a certain percentage on the sale price or there may be some other compensation. Here again, clicking these links won’t change the prices of the products on the affiliate links. The reader doesn’t have to pay even a penny extra when they click through to a product link. These links aren’t “pay-per-click” advertisements.

Is There Any Sponsored Content?

No, we do not share sponsored content. We only provide our readers with un-biased and authentic information about products that have been reviewed by our experts. However, if some company wants us to feature their sponsored content on, we clearly disclose that at the start of such posts.

To conclude, we only recommend products which are best in our experts’ opinion. We recommend only the best products which we won’t hesitate in recommending to our friends and family either. Your purchase will always support our research efforts and acknowledge the efforts of our experts. We will always appreciate your actions!