Best Golf Rangefinders 2020 – (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Rangefinders have revolutionized quite a few different sports and golf is no exception. They not only eliminate the need for those caddies having yardage books but also help you get rid of those yardage markers or other different landmarks. You can play golf like a pro by hitting the golf course with the best golf rangefinders around. But do you really know what makes the best when it comes to golf rangefinders?

Best Golf Rangefinders 2020 – The Experts’ Picks

We have made the process of finding the best rangefinders for your golfing endeavors a lot simple by reviewing the top products on the market. Whether you want the best golf rangefinder with slope or without slope, you can find one matching your specific needs right here.

1. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Laser Rangefinder

This is the best rangefinder for golfers that you’ll see most of the PGA Tour Professionals using in the practice rounds. The rangefinder never falters and works perfectly helping golfers lock onto their target and give them readouts with extreme accuracy.

Bushnell itself has long remained the market leader when it comes to golf rangefinders and you can count on their products with full confidence. So, you can expect nothing but the best with this rangefinder.

The JOLT technology gives you a vibration as soon as your rangefinder has locked on the target – the flagstick in most cases. It’s an indication that you can take the readings and count on your rangefinder from here on.

The JOLT may be less as your device ages, but you can still expect accurate yardage readings and you won’t face any issues there. The only caveat here is that when there is no vibration, you’ll have to look around a little just to ascertain if the distance being read makes some sense or not.

It is a sturdy piece with extra protection provided through a silicone sleeve. Similar to a cell phone casing, this silicone sleeve offers an extra layer to absorb shocks and protect your device against those inevitable drops as well as any abuse that it may go through.

This is appropriately designed with Stabi-Grip technology, the Tour V4 Rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, and JOLT.


  • 368 ft. field of view at thousand yards
  • Accurate Ranging Accuracy to as low as 1 yard
  • Multi-coated coatings
  • Class 1 laser with power output under 0.5 mW on average
  • Extra-Long Eye Relief to 21mm

+ Effective Pinseeker as well as JOLT technology
+ It is tournament legal
+ The package comes with the Bushnell Golf App which is pretty helpful
+ There is a cool protective casing included in the package as well

— It may not work too well in foggy weather conditions

2. TecTecTec VPRO500

Rated highly by the professional golfers, this really is the best rangefinder. It is sleek, cost-efficient, and reliable. You can afford this device rather easily even if you’re not a Pro.

It comes with lots of amazing features. Its 6x magnification mode is just amazing. It works efficiently over a longer range and is pretty simple to use as well. The package comes with a protective casing, battery, and a cleaning cloth. So, you have everything right there.

It is quite durable and really makes a perfect choice for you even if you haven’t used a rangefinder ever before. You don’t have to rely on those typical distance gadgets or watches anymore because they won’t work for you in a professional setting.

You can also buy its slope version as well which offers all the features in the original model in addition to the ability to use the slope for notating how much the target is uphill/downhill from your position. It could also be your standard rangefinder as you can turn off that slope feature anytime you like.


  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Accurate Ranging Accuracy to as low as 1 yard
  • 540 yards coverage with continuous scan mode
  • Through The Lens Display

+ It uses continuous scan mode for measuring 540 yards at most
+ Offers quick measurement technology with 1-yard accuracy
+ It can perfectly measure golf flags, wooded areas, and water hazards
+ Lens display is quite simple and comes with a battery and distance meter
+ Pretty lightweight and highly portable

— The accuracy may be a concern sometimes

3. Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Rangefinder

Leupold GX3i2 makes a wonderful, straight-to-the-point golf rangefinder which does the basics quite well and gives you the most accurate distance measurements. It allows you to read the measurements easily in all the conditions with its bright OLED screen. The rugged aluminum casing takes things up a notch from those cheaper plastic cases you can find in most competing products.

It gives you quick and accurate distance measurements up to 1/10th of a yard. You’d know Leupold as the manufacturers of best sights for laser guns and, therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see this golf rangefinder coming out from them.

It’s a tournament ready device that is quite straightforward; just shoot target and get the yardage. The vivid red reticle and the yardage displays can be read quite easily as compared to those dull black which you can find with most other brands. It doesn’t give slope readings and is tournament legal.

The aluminum closure is quite sturdy and sets it apart from various other competing products on the market. Still it is quite lightweight and the metal case just feels great when you hold it in the hands. It can easily withstand significant amount of routine abuse.

It also offers great battery life and it can last for more than a couple of months of routine golfing. You can use the device in various modes such as “scan mode”. It doesn’t lock on a single target and rather sends a laser signal which gives a constant reading of anything in its view. It helps ensure that you pick up your pins accurately.


  • DNA technology
  • OLED display
  • Rugged and highly compact aluminum body
  • USGA 14-3 compliant to only offer line-of-sight distance measurement

+ The target acquisition is really fast
+ With scan mode enabled, you can correctly find the range to the target
+ The vivid OLED display makes reading easy
+ The rugged aluminum casing gives you a sturdy piece to work with

— It doesn’t give you slope readings
— You need to keep the hands steady for accurate measurements

4. Bushnell Pro X2

The Bushnell Pro X2 gives you all the notable features you’d like and it comes complete with a rugged, sturdy metal housing and comfortable rubber grips.

Despite its expensive price tag, it gives undeniable performance and is certainly worth considering for a pro. It is fast and accurate and can give you a perfectly accurate calculation of slopes as well. The slope switch allows you to turn the feature on/off and that makes it a tournament legal device to have on your arsenal. The metal case is sturdy and completely waterproof with IPX7 rating.

It is efficient enough to almost immediately pick up the yardage while its JOLT technology allows it to lock on the targets with a vibration. It displays the slope measurement clearly while the optics are just spot-on. It feels like you’re looking at HD TV through that lens.

A much-loved feature of this rangefinder is its dual-display which is currently not available in most of the low-priced models. Just press its Mode button and you’ll be able to switch between deep black and bright red displays. So, you don’t have to haggle with those accurate rangefinders which have poor display in certain conditions and cause problems in reading the yardage. Everything will be clearly visible and you will love it to get the accurate readings in all light conditions.

Among all that, you can expect delicate lasers as well as lenses. That’s where it is on par with other rangefinders and doesn’t really get the better of them. So, you can expect 2 years of average life when you buy this device. Nevertheless, it can survive the routine tosses and drops quite efficiently.


  • Pin Seeker and JOLT technology
  • 450+ yards to Flags
  • Eye relief 16mm
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Class 1 laser and under 0.5mW power output average

+ It comes with a sturdy metal housing and can easily survive routine wear
+ It gives you accurate yardage readings and has a slope calculator
+ It is tournament legal as you can turn off the slope calculate with a button
+ It comes fully waterproof

— It is a bit expensive compared to other similar models

5. Nikon Coolshot 20

It might come to you as a surprise but Nikon has already made it to the golf market. When looking for the best golf rangefinder, Nikon Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder makes a perfect choice. It measures distances quite accurately and is pretty quick at doing its job too.

This rangefinder comes with so many positives and can be compared easily to TecTecTec rangefinder on the list above. It makes the best choice for the golfers who want to keep the costs to bare minimum as a tradeoff for the high-end features. However, that doesn’t mean this device can’t give accurate measurements.

It is known to offer world-class performance and is pretty lightweight and compact. With its precision, optical quality, and speed, the Coolshot 20 can help you establish club distance proficiency on top of amazing game management skills when you hit the golf course.

It displays precise measurements for distance from your point to the flagstick and can also help measure distances to the hazards, mounds, trees, and various other objects around the golf course.

The first target priority mode is really something revolutionary in rangefinder technology. It helps you read the distances to your closest target object among several objects that might be in front of you. That comes in handy when you are trying to measure the distance to the flagstick ahead of a bunch of trees. The 8-second continuous measurement scanning allows it to determine the distance to various targets precisely.

Weighing only 4.4 ounces, this rangefinder is pretty lightweight and its compact design allows you to carry it in your pocket anywhere you like.


  • High contrast, clear views
  • 6-550 yards range
  • Focusing Diopter to give Tack-Sharp image
  • Eyeglass-friendly long eye relief design
  • First target priority tech
  • 8-second continuous measuring mode

+ Quite compact and lightweight
+ It helps measure distances to the flagsticks and hazards
+ The package includes a case, a strap, and a battery
+ It is USGA compliant

— It may not be durable enough to compete with other models on the list

6. Precision Pro NX7 Laser Golf Rangefinder

This Precision Pro NX7 hails as one of the top choices in golf rangefinders and can fit anyone’s game. With the measurement capabilities within 1 yard of the target and the ability to measure 1/10th of a yard, it is just wonderful.

Hit that button on top and you will see a circle appearing on the screen with crosshairs. Hit the same button once again and you will have exact distance measurements to the selected target showing on the display.

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It comes with a host of amazing features and has been perfectly engineered to offer accurate distance measurements on both flat and sloped surfaces. With Pro Slope technology incorporated into it, the golf rangefinder is just perfect for you and can even help you in the selection of the best-suited golf club as well. It allows you to easily select the right club by offering “play as” distance measurements. Don’t worry; it is tournament legal because you can turn the slope feature off anytime.

The optics are crystal clear and the 6x magnification helps the rangefinder in producing quick yardage right to the hole. Even if you have shaky hands, you’ll find it easier to use.

It can measure accurately upto 400 yards which is way more than many other rangefinders on the list. Besides, it gives you 1/10-yard measurements and you can also switch between yards and meters as you like.

It doesn’t really come with many downsides and makes a perfect choice for avid golfers. The design is pretty clean and the ratings it has received are tremendous too. Besides, the golfers rate it highly because it allows you to shoot distances right to the flags, trees, bunkers, and any other objects accurately.


  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • Quick, Clear and Precise with 6x magnification
  • 400 Yard Range
  • 1/10-yard measurements
  • Water-Resistant

+ It is available at a pretty good price point
+ It is equipped with pulse vibration technology and alerts you as soon as the target is locked on
+ The distances are delivered accurately without much delay
+ It comes shock-proof and water-resistant which makes it quite a reliable option

— There aren’t many flaws to mention. The price is perfect and it has just about everything on offer

7. Garmin Approach Z80 Laser Rangefinder

This one is advertised as the most accurate option available among the modern-day laser golf rangefinders with the capability to measure distances ranging 350 yards at most. Among all the great features on offer, it gives you full-color 2-D course view mapping for more than 41000 golf courses from around the world. That’s certainly a unique feature and you won’t find it on many rangefinders on the list.

Another unique aspect of this laser rangefinder is that it accurately shows distances to front, center, and back of greens and hazards. With measurements precise to 10 inches, it gives you accurate distance measurements to the desired pin. It won’t just give you the green view of the golf course and accurate distance measurements, but it also adjusts the slopes as well.

With the “Plays Like Distance” option, the yardages will be automatically adjusted for uphill/downhill slopes. The calculations are made based on the elevation change from the point where you’re standing to the target. It helps in picking up the right clubs for the shot. As such features as not allowable in the tournaments, it allows you to disable the feature at will and that makes it a tournament legal device.

If you’re in a habit of carrying your yardage book along all the time, you don’t need to do that anymore. Just focus on your rangefinder’s screen and make your perfect tee box as well as shot strategy. The Laser Range Arc allows the device to make an arc on 2-D map view of the golf course and allows you to see just about everything in the play and helps you to avoid the hazards or bunkers.

With all these great features, it really makes a perfect choice for even professional golfers. If it’s affordable for you and you’re interested in improving your game, this is the golf rangefinder you must buy.


  • Full-color 2-D Course View mapping
  • Accurate Laser Rangefinder with 350 yards range
  • Image Stabilization
  • Laser Range Arc
  • ± 10” Laser Accuracy

+ It offers unparalleled accuracy
+ It comes with a full-color 2-D golf course view
+ It helps determine the slope with “playslike” feature
+ Image stabilization is quite a useful feature to have

— The battery needs to be charged on each round
— The expensive price tag may deter you from buying this device

8. BOBLOV 650yards Golf Rangefinder

The new market entrant, BOBLOV seems to be establishing its footing in the golf rangefinders market. This rangefinder gives you a lot of reasons to love it especially with slope measurement and USB charging capabilities.

This golf rangefinder is actually a preferred choice for players who don’t often hit it a long way because it may not give you accurate measurements over 200 yards. So, if that’s the range you normally hit, the BOBLOV makes a perfect choice for you and it is priced quite reasonably as well.

As far as the performance is concerned, the BOBLOV does a perfect job within the range of 200 yards. Its margin for error stands at only 2 yards when the range goes beyond 100 yards, and it increases to 3-4 yards when the range is 175 yards. It is good enough for low-key use.

However, when you go beyond 200 yards, the rangefinder hardly locks onto its targets. In fact, it can’t even pick flagsticks on the clear days if your target is farther than 200 yards. Even if it manages to pick the target, it will give you a reading farther off the target. Nevertheless, if you love hitting on shorter distances, you can expect BOBLOV to do a great job.

It also comes equipped with a vibration on/off feature. After locking the distance to the target, it vibrates automatically to alert you of the status. However, if you do not want the function while you use the rangefinder, it can be turned off anytime.

The BOBLOV rangefinder can also measure slopes but it is tournament legal at the same time because you can turn the feature off whenever you like. The Slope Technology offers compensated distance depending on the incline/decline of the hole. The Pin Acquisition Technology combines with vibration to offer a nice quick pulse as soon as your target is locked and this way accurate distance measurements are ensured.

The BOBLOV comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that’s been permanently installed into it. The USB charging feature is certainly an upgrade from what you get with most common golf rangefinders. The charging cable can be plugged into the cell phone charger, computer, or any USB outlet for charging the device. The battery will last for 7-10 rounds in one charge which is pretty impressive. The battery life indicator is also there and it’s quite reliable too.


  • Pinsensor technology measuring up to 1-yard accuracy
  • Vibration on/off feature
  • Magnification x Objective: 6x22mm
  • Ranging, Flag Locking, and Speed modes
  • USB Charging

+ It works perfectly within 200 yards range
+ It offers 6x magnification
+ It comes with a USB rechargeable battery which lasts for 7-10 rounds
+ The slope measurement option is also available

— It’s hard to pick up the targets beyond 200 yards range
— The slope readings might not be too reliable at times

9. Wosports Golf Rangefinder With Slope

This Wosports Golf Range Finder with Slope can be your low-cost alternative to the most high-end models. It does come with a host of features and can be a perfect addition to your golfing arsenal. In fact, it can be a perfect hunting rangefinder as well.

It boasts of Advanced Flag Acquisition tech which filters out any objects in the background to ensure that whenever you shoot, it’s the flag that’s spotted as the target and nothing else.

This H-100AG rangefinder offers true measurement which is accurate up to ± yard. It also ensures that you get a perfectly clear view through the diopter adjustment features. Whether you are far or nearsighted, it allows you to clearly see your target object and find the distance through fast-measuring technology of this golf rangefinder.

It gives you both continuous scan mode and range mode to work with. In continuous scanning mode, the coverage gets greater and you have a better view of how far away your potential targets may be.

Overall, it makes a good enough rangefinder for low-end golfing requirements. However, you can expect a few glitches here and there because the device is not made only for golf range finding.


  • Innovative Design
  • Yards and Meter switching
  • Accurate distance measurement ranges 5-650 yards
  • 6x magnification with speed and fog modes
  • 7.5 degrees field angle
  • 180+ yards to Flag

+ It is quite affordable and comes with a  low price tag
+ There is flag-lock vibration feature to notify you as soon as the target is locked
+ It works perfectly within the range of 130 yards
+ It offers both range and continuous scanning modes

— You may have accuracy issues when measuring over 175 yards
— Fuzzy optics are the biggest issue

As technology improves, more and better golf rangefinders will continue to pop up on the market. For now, we have listed all the top products here and if you are looking for the best golf rangefinder, you can choose from the ones above. All the major aspects have been covered in choosing the best products on the market and you can rest assured that you’ll be buying the best should you opt for one of these.

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