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Cyber sports have become quite an addiction these days and the trend is tilting towards best MMO mouse than ever. The massively multiplayer online games involve a large number of gamers competing against each other from different parts of the world. Best MMO mouse

With such massive competition, you really need to have the best quality hardware to ensure that you come on top and have an exciting gaming experience. More than anything else, you need the best MMO mouse to keep things under control because this type of gaming requires much more mouse action than any other game around.

In the case of MMO, your mouse needs to control various things simultaneously and, therefore, you need the most state-of-the-art equipment. There should be all relevant buttons and necessary customizations for ensuring that you don’t have to face many hassles in achieving desired results and can control things the way you feel comfortable.

Best MMO Mouse – Top Picks For 2020

With a wide variety of options available in MMO mouse devices, it may be a lot of hassle for many of you to come up with the best ones around. Just don’t worry; we have all the bases covered for you. Here we have listed the best mouse options for avid MMO gamers and, believe it, they won’t let you down.

1.  Logitech G502

Logitech G502


• 11 programmable buttons
• Adjustable DPI range from 200-12000
• On-board button profile switch
• On-board DPI switch
• Button for temporarily downshifting sensitivity for better control
• Weight & balance tuning
• Adjustable scrolling wheel

When it comes to MMO mouse devices, the very first thing that might come to your mind is having that 12-button grid towards the side. For MMO games like World of Warcraft, such button layout works the best due to the way these buttons have been arranged. You get very close to that with this Logitech MMO mouse as it comes with 11 buttons that can be programmed to work the way you like. In addition, it comes with a range of customization options that make it one of the best mouse devices around.

If you’re an MMO freak, the personalization of your equipment must be really important to you and that’s where this G502 gives you the best. It comes with state-of-the-art software that allows you to personalize all the 11 buttons as well as the DPI, the balance and the macro profile that you are currently using.

Its ergonomic design makes sure that it accommodates your gripping style no matter how you prefer to hold the mouse. It will adjust seamlessly in your palm and will make a perfect choice for those marathon gaming sessions. You will get great value for money when it comes to performance and durability as this device is second to none.

With Logitech software, you can customize your MMO mouse to your liking. In addition, the UI of the software is pretty much streamlined and doesn’t give you any jitters whatsoever.

The mouse boasts of an advanced PMW3366 optical sensor that has no acceleration, filtering or smoothing throughout its DPI range. So, you can expect some excellent tracking accuracy as well as consistency in responsiveness regardless of what sensitivity settings you opt to use.

In addition, the dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel can be unlocked for super-quick continuous scrolling through long pages. It can be locked down for single-click precision scrolling. You can expect superior control with its weighty, metal scroll wheel.

Overall, it’s a perfect choice for those looking for accuracy and customizability. In fact, it makes a dream device for avid MMO gamers.


  • It is fell solid and can last the test of time
  • There are quite a few personalization options
  • It’s equipped with RGB lighting
  • The software is super-easy when it comes to macros assignment
  • Its form factor is just perfect for a variety of different gripping styles


  • Design only suits the right-handers
  • It lacks the 12-button grid layout which is preferable for MMO gamers

2. UtechSmart Venus

UtechSmart Venus


• 18 programmable buttons
• 5 DPI settings which range between 50-16400 DPI
• Adjustable balance and weight tuning
• Illuminated buttons

This MMO mouse is a smart gaming device that makes a great choice for anyone struggling with a limited budget but still wants a premium MMO gaming experience. It really comes with some amazing features which are often found in the high-priced alternatives. You might not believe it, but some seasoned MMO gamers often say that they’d go for this Utech Venus mouse on any day rather than any other high-end alternative.

The mouse comes with 18 buttons that can be programmed just the way you like. The thumb rest gives you access to a typical 12-button grid layout and there’s an extra fire button and a DPI adjustment button as well. There’s one on its base as well which allows you to easily swipe between different saved profiles as well. The profiles can be modified according to your own preferences as well.

No matter which MMO games you like to play and what your operating preferences maybe, this Venus mouse easily maps those 18 buttons to your gaming style and assigns macros accordingly. It also allows you to easily organize its character and key binding capabilities no matter what game you play and meets different requirements.

The programmable buttons on the side adopt various inclination angles, making this more appropriate for the thumb’s pressing feel. It also makes sure the quick-positioning button is positioned perfectly to save the operation time of the players within the game.

It’s not just the best MMO gaming mouse, it can also be used by the engineers for AutoCAD. You can use the macro manager for programming macros and they can be assigned to different buttons on the mouse so that you can complete your work quickly. For instance, a particular button could be used to set functions like saving and recording.

Overall, this mouse makes a dream choice for those MMO gamers who want professional capabilities in a limited budget. It offers most of the premium features and gives you the best value for your money. It is durable and will last the test of time


  • It comes with a variety of buttons and features
  • The DPI adjustment buttons are equipped with the LED indicators
  • There are buttons for switching between various button profiles
  • It can be used by engineers for AutoCAD too
  • With its ergonomic design, it is quite comfortable to use


  • You get a pretty basic software to work with
  • It has a right-handed design
  • It’s not an RGB mouse when it comes to LED colors

3. Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair Scimitar Pro


• Key slider macro button controls
• Customizable 16000 DPI range optical sensor
• 12 button side grid
• Onboard storage and hardware macro playback

Corsair is a popular brand when it comes to reliable and sturdy hardware products and it’s always lived up to the expectations. This Scimitar Pro MMO mouse is just another great piece of hardware from the brand and it offers amazing build quality as well as wonderful in-game performance to the avid gamers.

As far as the design goes, the mouse looks really cool. The best thing which adds to the beautiful looks of this piece is its metal chassis that sits just below its plastic shell. You might get an impression as if it’s some racing car. The MMO mouse has been designed to serve your ergonomic needs and is equipped with a slightly curved-in number pad so that your thumb moves more freely on it. The design of the shell is such that it lets the palm to comfortably sit on it as long as you would like. The grip is just perfect for times when accuracy matters the most for your gaming outcomes.

It comes with a gaming-grade, custom, PMW3367 optical sensor that is meant to offer nothing but extreme responsiveness and accuracy. The custom design of this wonderful gaming mouse ensures that it works best for you no matter what surface you are using it on. This is a 17-button MMO mouse with mechanical buttons that won’t fail too soon. The key slider controls allow you to adjust the positions of these buttons by moving them around 8mm before securely locking them in place so that every single key is within easy reach to suit your playing style. The side buttons come with textured keycaps to ensure better grip and feel, giving you ultimate precision control and tactile feedback.

The Scimitar Pro mouse comes with some amazing features that are all meant to give you a better experience as an MMO player. So, if you are too much into these MMO/MOBA games, you should definitely consider buying this particular MMO mouse.


  • It comes with an amazing aesthetic design
  • The key slider allows for customizing the button positions on the number pad
  • The overall build quality is just amazing
  • Mechanical buttons won’t wear out too quickly
  • The advanced optical sensor makes for a superb experience


  • It may be a little on the heavier side

4. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity


• 5G Optical Sensor with 16000 DPI
• 3 side plates with different button configurations featuring 2, 7 or 12 buttons
• 19 programmable buttons
• Improved form factor for right-hand use

The Razer Naga Trinity is one of the best options in the MMO mouse category and it comes with a range of amazing features. It’s a 19-button mouse that comes equipped with better rubber grips towards the side to offer better stability and accuracy. Weighing only 120 g, it is quite a lightweight product and can be easily classified among the lightest (gaming mouse) in this particular category.

There are many unique features that come along but the best of the lot is that it comes with three interchangeable panels featuring different button configurations so that you can go with your preferred setting. There is a 2-button layout that works best for the FPS and also a circular 7-button configuration. If you want a mouse for MMO gaming, you have a tailor-made MMO numeric pad for that purpose. You can customize all the buttons using Razer Synapse software no matter what keypad option you choose to go with. The RGB lights can also be customized to your liking as well.

It gives you complete control just the way you like it, no matter which game you love to play. It gives you an added advantage in your favorite MMO/MOBA games by allowing you to configure the mouse for just about anything be it the weapons, the build customizations or anything else.

It comes equipped with a 5G optical sensor which gives you 16000 DPI along with amazing accuracy. Even if you go with a 2-button configuration for the FPS gaming, its sensor will still offer extreme accuracy and amazing in-game performance.

When it comes to the looks and the design, it’s an attractive product like most of the gear from Razer. The price may be a point of concern for many but it really gives you great value for your money.


  • The design is aesthetically pleasing
  • The unique interchangeable button panel gives you all the flexibility you need
  • It offers amazing build quality
  • The 5G optical sensor offers great accuracy
  • It is perfect for both MMO gaming and FPS gaming


  • It may be a bit too expensive for some

5. Logitech G600

Logitech G600


• 20 MMO-tuned buttons
• G-shift button for the ring finger
• Customizable 8200 DPI and button assignments
• Tuned buttons with sculpted shape for reduced click fatigue

Logitech is one brand that you will find in most of the tech gadget reviews for all the great work they do for bringing the best products to the market. The same applies to their gaming peripherals. There are loads of features on this G600 model too that would definitely ask for your consideration for once, at least.

This is the best MMO mouse that is equipped with a panel of 20 buttons, which you can customize through the Logitech Hub. It makes an ideal choice for anyone who requires a quick input method for those challenging MMO games and other applications. You might need some time for getting used to the buttons, particularly if you haven’t been using such devices before. An even more impressive feature on this MMO mouse is its easy-shift button. With this button, you can quickly toggle with the secondary button profile. So, technically, you can have somewhere around 39 buttons to use for different purposes with this mouse. Just imagine how many orcs you’ll slay with such hardware.

The mouse comes equipped with an Avago S9808 laser sensor as well and it really does a great job when it comes to offering pinpoint accuracy within the gaming environment. The onboard memory features of the mouse allow for storing three different gaming profiles that are accessible without the use of any additional software – that’s really a nice plug-n-play feature to have.

As far as the design is concerned, there is nothing out of the ordinary, but it still brings you some elegance courtesy of those gentle contours and slopes. The ergonomics are pretty good too. But the size of the mouse is a bit on the larger side. For anyone with small hands, using its number pad can be a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless, it comes in a matte finish which gives you good enough grip.

Overall, it’s a nice mouse to have and it will definitely uplift your MMO gaming experience. Regardless of some minor flaws, it offers great value for money and stands among the top choices in the MMO mouse category.


  • It features 20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • The button functionality is doubled up with the G-shift feature
  • There are RGB LEDs to illuminate every button
  • It reduces hand fatigue with the sculpted and supportive shape
  • Onboard memory allows for saving multiple gaming profiles


  • The size may be a bit too big
  • It is made with plastic

6. Redragon M901

Redragon M901


• RGB backlights
• 7 mouse buttons
• 12 programmable grid buttons
• Adjustable DPI range of 1000-24000 DPI
• Ergonomic design
• Adjustable weight tuning

This is another budget MMO mouse that would make one of your smartest picks for sure. However, it is not just the affordability for which this MMO mouse has managed its place on this list. In fact, the reasons are way beyond the price factor alone. Smart software, advanced sensor, and much more are on the list which makes it one of the best choices for MMO gamers.

It can easily be compared with some of the high-end MMO mouse products from Utech. In fact, it excels at some points as well, especially software. The macro building, profile editing, and light personalization features are all available and they work pretty fine, in fact.

It comes equipped with a total of 19 programmable buttons. There are 7 mouse buttons and 12 MMO buttons on the side panel which is just great. With a maximum of 24000 DPI range, it brings you an advanced optical sensor with high-speed motion detection features and better tracking to give you precise control. There is a quickfire button on the mouse as well which allows for that quick burst fire when you are in those high-octane enthralling FPS battles.

The design is quite comfortable and, as a gamer, you would enjoy an easy-going experience no matter how long a gaming session you are having. The smooth and contoured ergonomic design accounts for all the comfort it brings to the table.

Overall, you get good value for your money and it is quite a reasonable investment for any MMO gamer. Your mouse won’t let you down in the game when you are getting through those most critical moments.


  • It offers 7 color modes with unique lighting effects
  • The software is quite a plus for this MMO mouse
  • There is a button at its bottom that allows for profile-switching


  • Some reviews talk about a few durability issues
  • It may not be a perfect PC peripheral

7. ROCCAT Tyon



• Pro-Aim Laser Sensor R3 with 8200 DPI
• 14 programmable buttons
• ROCCAT easy-shift button duplicator tech
• 2-level customizable light system

ROCCAT is a name that is known for the versatility of its products. Probably, they offer peripherals for all the possible scenarios and uses. This Tyon mouse is the company’s flagship product in MMO gaming and makes one of the company’s best products on the market.

This mouse does great overall but one of the first things that you’d notice about it is its design. Look at it from the top and it boasts a nice classic swaying design. However, it changes when you look at the product from various other angles. Its buttons stick out from its shell which makes it look much more angular in its appearance. As far as the ergonomics are concerned, the mouse feels great to hold in your hand and it gives you no hiccups regardless of how long you would want to use it in your MMO gaming sessions.

It comes equipped with 14 programmable buttons which certainly puts it among the top few products around. You can use them all for passing different in-game commands. Besides, there is also an easy-shift button on this MMO mouse as well which allows you to easily toggle between different button profiles whenever you like. So, essentially, your mouse has 27 buttons because all the buttons can serve, at least, two functions.

It uses laser sensor R3 and, with most modern devices using an optical sensor, it may be a little outdated technology but it still does a nice job for MMO gaming. It also comes equipped with a robust, 5.9 ft. USB cable as well as some perfectly designed skates which allow your mouse to give an optimal performance no matter what surface you are using it on.

With its 576KB onboard memory, it can save the button profiles as well as other functions too. The subtle RGB lights make it look more aesthetically pleasing than ever. Overall, it’s not an ordinary device, but an MMO mouse that knows how to do a perfect job in those heavy gaming environments.


  • The tactile clickers do a nice job
  • The buttons are quite versatile
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and RGB lights take things to the next level
  • The braided USB cable is quite sturdy


  • A few buttons may not be optimally positioned
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side

8. Roccat Leadr

Roccat Leadr


• 12 programmable buttons
• The ergonomic and intuitive button layout
• Super-sleek RGB lighting
• Charging dock

Another one from ROCCAT, the LEADR doesn’t lag too far behind Tyon and makes one of the best wireless MMO mouse around. It looks aesthetically pleasing to with its matte black finish and RGB lights that illuminate the buttons. What makes it even better is the way buttons are assorted.

For the MMO freaks in search of lots of different buttons all placed in different locations, it really makes a perfect choice. There are a couple of buttons that encapsulate each side of the right- and left-click on top. There is a couple above the thumb, and there are 3 paddle-type buttons placed on top, side, and underneath the thumb allowing you to perform distinct actions separately.

The easy shift features make sure you can easily swipe the button functions quickly and control the games the way you like. The overall software performance is also great for MMO gaming.

A charging dock comes along with your MMO gaming mouse as well. It charges your mouse in an upright position which looks pretty cool. Besides, it gives good enough battery backup to ensure that your mouse doesn’t stop working when you are in the middle of a gaming session.

With this MMO mouse, you get unparalleled wireless optics and OWL-EYE optical sensor that gives pinpoint precision with 12000 DPI. There is onboard memory as well which allows for macro storage. All-in-all, there are a lot of selling points for this gaming mouse and it makes one of the best options available.


  • It allows for onboard profile and macro storage
  • You get 12000 DPI and five unique settings
  • The easy-shift feature allows for quickly switching between button profiles
  • The charging dock makes it look impressive


  • You may need some time to get used to the button arrangement
  • The price is a little higher

So, pick the best MMO mouse on our list and take your MMO gaming experience to the next level. We have considered a lot of important factors to formulate this list for you and have all the bases covered. Just make a pick and enjoy MMO gaming.

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