Best Radar Detector 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best radar Detector

Best Radar Detector to Keep Your Car Speeding the Roads without Being Noticed By a Radar Gun

We must not speed on the roads but when you are on the driving seat, you always have the temptation to cross the speeding limits. Even when you are careful and want to abide by the speed limits in place, sometimes you breach the barrier unintentionally. Yes, with the rules being bent every now and then, it is highly likely that you hit the roads not knowing what the new speed limits are. And, whenever you end up breaking the rules, a cop is always there with his radar gun waiting for you to serve you the ticket. So, why don’t you find the best radar detector and avoid all the hassle in the first place?

Remember, only one speeding ticket may have some serious effects in the long run. For instance, it will cause your insurance premiums to potentially increase by around 22%. That said, radar detectors make a great device offering you the much-needed protection against those random speed guns placed everywhere on the roads. However, there are so many different makes and models available on the market and you should be watchful and must only buy the best available radar detector out there.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks

Features worth Considering To Buy the Best Radar Detectors

So, before you head out on your hunt for the best cordless radar detector, here are some of the key features that you should be looking for.

  1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the radar detectors relates to how good they are when it comes to picking up signals. So, if you want to buy something that you can rely on, go with the one offering the highest levels of sensitivity for your budget.

  1. Range

The range of the radar detector you are going to buy is almost as important as its signal sensitivity. Getting to know of an approaching patrolling vehicle at the last minute isn’t going to do you any good. So, buy a radar detector with enough range that you’re informed well in time if there is a radar gun ahead.

  1. Consistency

Obviously, you are on the lookout for something reliable which produces accurate results consistently. Most of the cheap radar detectors tend to give you false alarms causing unnecessary troubles. So, you should better look for a piece of equipment that picks up the real cop signals and ignores anything similar to avoid undue panic.

  1. User Friendliness

While you are driving your vehicle, you can’t spare your hands. So, it is important that you go for a user-friendly radar detector that you can easily comprehend and operate. Something that distracts you way too much is never a good option.

Pick the Best Radar Detector and Avoid Speed Tickets

Now that you know some of the qualities you should be looking for, here we have shortlisted the top 10 radar detectors that will produce accurate and consistent results. Let’s run you through your best options.

1. Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Uniden R3 Radar

Best budget Radar

Uniden R3 is known to be one of the most sensitive radars out there and can pick up all sorts of signals rather easily. Being able to catch all the three bands of radar signals that law enforcement agencies use, it makes the best choice when you are looking for a radar detector. Yes, you can expect this machine to easily detect all sorts of radar guns.

It also boasts of a long detection range and will give you alerts and notices way before you get in the range of a speed gun to avoid unnecessary hassle.

You might get the impression that being overly sensitive, it will have some downsides as well. The good news for you, however, is that it’s the best available radar detector out there which comes with various different settings that help you get better readings of the driving environment around you. You can choose between City, City 2, and Highway settings to make sure certain bands could be avoided in areas where it is not likely to have the cops around. So, you can effectively cut down on the false alarms and they’ll be less frequent.

You can call it the best detector as it ticks the box when it comes to ease of use as well. There’s a menu button using which you can be able to access all its user configurations. Besides, there are some other handy options available as well.

One drawback of this radar detector, however, is that its windshield mount may not work fine with all the vehicles.


    • It is extremely sensitive and accurate
    • It comes with a long-range for timely radar gun detection
    • It doesn’t create many false alarms
    • Setup is simple and easy


  • The mount is not perfect for all the cars

2. Escort Passport 9500iX Radar Detector

Escort Passport 9500iX

Best long-range Radar

This radar detector is apt at picking up X, K, and the Ka signals. Besides, it also senses the POP bands effectively too. Even though the police don’t use the POP bands, it still offers you an extra protection layer for avoiding that not-so-welcoming speeding ticket.

As far as its range is concerned, the detector is good enough to stand among the top radar detectors available today. This long range radar is capable of location speed traps with enough prior notice. You can easily slow down if you’re violating the speed laws well before a police cruiser or a speed camera catches you.

One downside of this detector is that it becomes way too sensitive in the POP mode. When you’re passing through the commercial areas, it will keep flagging you for wrong signals. With GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities of this radar detector, however, this flaw can be overcome quite easily. It remembers all the legitimate signals with location and flagging accurately becomes easier for the future.

Another thing that you will love about it is that it comes pre-loaded with all locations where there are speed cameras and red lights across North America. Hence, it accurately alerts you even when you’re traveling through an area for the very first time.

It also comes equipped with a range of user-friendly features. The buttons are placed properly and you can also adjust the settings quite easily. There are different lighting options on the screen as well and it normally stays dark until there’s an alert to show you.


    • The machine is highly sensitive and comes with a good range
    • It features GPS capabilities
    • It comes pre-loaded with the locations of speed cameras across North America
    • It is rather easy to use


  • It can get overly sensitive when used in the commercial areas

3. Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector

Cobra XRS9370

Best affordable Radar

What makes it the best piece of equipment is its affordable price tag. Yes, you can buy it for below $100 and that’s what draws most of the customers to buy this product. With that kind of price tag, you do not often get everything desirable which is normally there in the high-end models, like direction indicators. But this one from Cobra has got you covered on all fronts. It will alert you of all the details you need about the cop with a radar gun and will help you avoid those hefty speeding tickets.

The device is quite small as well and weighs below 5 ounces only. So, you can easily mount it on most of the windscreens or dash without it causing any obtrusions. This radar detector is also calibrated for detecting all the standard wavelengths used by the radar guns employed by law enforcement agencies. It can even detect the laser speed detectors quite easily. You don’t often get that kind of luxuries with such a low price tag. Remember, however, that the noise of laser detection can be quite terrifying for you as it’s a high-pitched screech.

Nevertheless, you’ll be getting what you pay for with this device. And, it does quite a nice job but doesn’t expect it to do any miracles for this price tag.


    • It is one of the most affordable radar detectors
    • It is quite effective for this price range
    • It comes with 360-Degree detection capabilities
    • It can detect radar and lasers effectively
    • You also get audio alerts with this device


  • The laser detection is not as good as you might expect

4. Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector

Beltronics RX65 Radar

The range is Good Enough

It’s quite a capable radar detector and can pick all the types of signals including the POP bands. It is also updated constantly with the latest technologies being employed by law enforcement authorities. Besides, this is the best radar detector that can’t be detected by the devices used by police.

With long range features, it can detect the speed traps from far away and there won’t be any last-minute calls.

Despite its high level of sensitivity, the detector doesn’t produce too many false alarms courtesy its advanced auto-scanning capabilities. The feature helps the detector to easily distinguish between different brands. In addition, it comes with specific Highway and City settings which reduces the frequency of false alarms even further. It really turns out to be helpful when you are driving in the commercial districts.

Another standout feature of this radar detector is that it’s really easy to use. Its settings can be customized and it can easily be adjusted to your specific driving style. It helps increase the consistency in readings considerably.

Unfortunately, however, it may not be the most durable radar detector out there. It is recommended that you shouldn’t go for this machine if you live somewhere extremely cold or hot.


    • It is highly sensitive to various bands
    • The range is good enough to avoid last-minute alarms
    • It doesn’t produce too many false alarms
    • Using this device is never a hassle
    • The settings can be customized


  • It is not too durable for certain weather conditions

5. Whistler CR65 Radar Detector

Whistler CR65 Radar Detector

Best for High Performance

Whistler has maintained a great reputation over the years when it comes to producing top-quality radar detectors with not a hefty price tag associated with them. Even this one can be bought for way under $300 and comes with a range of amazing premium features. But is there anything hidden behind that low price tag and premium features offered?

Well, it takes a great start by offering detection of all the radar bands that are being used commonly by the US police. Besides, it also comes equipped with laser detection features as well. The device also gives you 360-degrees protection against speed radars as well. The design is excellent too and it doesn’t give you many hiccups here either.

With all these great things, however, some reports exist about too frequent false alarms, particularly across the K-Band wavelength. To be honest, that is something you can expect from most of the radar detector models out there. So, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor as to whether you should buy it or not.


    • It is a high-performance radar detector
    • It is capable of detecting both radars and lasers
    • The mid-market price tag for all the great features is probably the biggest draw of this device
    • It offers 360-degrees detection features
    • It can effectively detect all the radar bands


  • The false alarms are way too likely with this model

6.Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

Best for Excelent Range

Another great radar detector on the list with capabilities of detecting all the common bands including X, K, KA, Sperwide Ka, etc. It is this wide selection of signals this machine can detect which puts it at par with some top-of-the-line models out there.

It offers a long-distance range too and helps you to lower your speedway ahead of reaching the radar setups of the law enforcement. The device also provides great signal reading strength and it continues to increase as you get closer to the law enforcement’s radar guns. It means you can be able to tell exactly how far the radar gun is from you at any point in time moving forward towards it.

False alarms are never a worry with this radar detector despite its high sensitivity to radar wavelengths. It can pick up different bands quite carefully and only sounds an alarm when your attention is actually needed. That kind of limited interference is always appreciated and you’d love it too. This feature may not be too effective, however, in the commercial districts with a high volume of traffic, lights, and speed guns.

Operating the device is pretty straight forward as well and you can work things through with large arrows that appear on its display. In different settings, the screen light can be read quite easily. It also shows the direction from where it is getting the signal whenever an alert is prompted.


    • It is highly sensitive to different wavelengths
    • The range on offer is excellent and it doesn’t produce many false alarms
    • It is quite a reliable radar detector
    • It is easy to use with large arrows appearing on the display


  • It can initiate false alarms frequently in the commercial areas

7. Whistler XTR-145 Laser/Radar Detector

Whistler XTR-145 Laser

One of The Affordable Model

Another one from Whistler, this is one of the cheapest radar detectors out there with its price tag not crossing even $50 mark. However, it doesn’t mean that the device doesn’t come with the best features you would expect. It’s quite a good bargain and you’ll be getting a bit more than what you’re going to pay.

Buying XTR-145 means that you will be getting accurate alerts for all the radar bands the police employ these days. Besides, it is also capable of detecting laser guns and offers 360-degrees protection against both. There is a cloaking technology built into it so that it can stay hidden from the police’s detectors.

One downside, however, is that you are still buying a very basic model despite the availability of all those great features. There isn’t any direction indicator and the false alarm elimination mechanism is a bit patchy too. But for the price you are paying, it still does a very reasonable job.


    • It is one of the cheapest models available on the market
    • It brings lots of high-end features for such a low price
    • It can effectively detect all the different radar bands
    • The 360-degrees protection is just amazing
    • With detection cloaking tech, police can’t detect it either


  • It lacks a direction indicator
  • It is still a basic model despite all the features included

8. Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500X50

One of The Affordable Model

The Escort Passport 8500X50 is one of the top 10 radar detectors with incredible sensitivity levels. Besides being capable of effectively detecting the X, K, and Ka radar wavelength bands, it will also keep you alert of the laser speed detectors. So, you don’t have to worry at all about what detection mechanism might the police station in the area might be using.

It offers an extended range for effective radar detection too. You will be notified way before you get into the range of speed radar or a cop cruiser.

With its auto-sensitivity features, it can effectively kill the false alarms and filter them out so that you may not have to face any kind of hassle. In City Mode, it automatically ignores any signals that may be produced by people around you or the buildings that fall in the range of your radar detector. Still, there is room for improvement and the device needs to do even better in the commercial areas.

Using this radar detector from Escort is not a hassle either. It comes with well-placed buttons that are labeled appropriately as well. You can also adjust the light on its display to your liking. Simply blackout its screen and make sure that you drive without any kind of distractions whatsoever until there is an alert notifying you about the speed gun that may be coming up.


    • It is another highly sensitive machine available to road runners
    • It offers a great range of coverage and keeps you protected
    • It can be a reliable choice in specific driving conditions better than the others
    • It is rather easy to use and the display can be easily navigated through
    • You can customize it to your style of driving quite easily


  • You can expect false alarms when navigating through the commercial areas

9. Radenso XP Radar Detector

Radenso XP Radar Detector

One of The Affordable Model

This one takes pride in being the best cordless radar detector this year when it comes to sensitivity. It is capable of effectively detecting radars with X, K, and Ka bands. You can also expect an excellent range from this device and it will alert you of the danger miles away. You can’t expect to get busted when you have this radar detector installed on your vehicle. You can also expect it to provide a simple countdown as the speed cameras get closer and closer. Besides, its top-notch blind spot monitor helps with preventing false alerts too.

In fact, there are several different ways in which this radar detector kills the false alerts. First of all, it uses automatic muting to mute the alarms that sound when the device detects X and K bands at a low speed and helps avoid any unwanted alerts. Remember that the automatic muting works when the vehicle’s speed is below the user-selected number. It also offers auto-sensitivity adjustment according to your current speed and an in-built speed camera and red light database which is updated for free.

Besides, its filtering system makes sure that it does not pick up the unnecessary bands again and again when passing through the same area. It relies on a unique GPS Lockout technology for that. The false alarms are tracked to ensure that the same mistake does not happen again. If you are looking for a smart radar detecting mechanism, the Radenso XP provides you just that. In fact, it keeps getting smarter as you drive more and more with it.

If you ask about the downsides of this machine, it doesn’t come with clear instructions and will take a little hit and trial method for finding out how you can use it correctly. Not really a major flaw and there is nothing dubious when it comes to the functionality of this machine.


    • The sensitivity level is great and it alerts you miles ahead of the speed guns
    • It can effectively detect all the common bands used by law enforcement
    • Automatic muting makes sure that alarms don’t sound when you’re driving below the user-selected speed
    • It is a highly reliable radar detector and reduces false alarms with GPS lockout technology


  • You need to do a bit of hit and trial for using the machine correctly because instructions are not clearly given

10. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

Fast DSP Technology

The Escort Max 360 is your shiny Mac-Daddy, one of the latest devices from Escort – the market leaders when it comes to radar detectors. Their Max line has been extremely popular over the years and this Max 360 inherits every single feature on offer in those devices. In fact, you get just about everything in this incredibly small radar detector which is not more than 1.76 ounces. Remember, however, that it does come with an expensive price tag.

It comes with built-in rear and forward-facing antennae arrays that offer 360-degree protection against approaching speed guns and cop cruisers. Besides, the protection is provided against an entire bandwidth of laser and radar speed guns. Its internal processing capabilities have been given a boost for really quick decision making. The radar detector sifts through loads of data at an incredible speed with amazing accuracy to point out any threats efficiently.

It comes with an easy to read display where you get directional arrows for pointing you towards or away from the speed cameras or lurking cops. Everything is pretty clear and there is no chance that you may take the wrong signals.

It’s the best radar detector that does it all with extreme precision. However, the price tag may not be too welcoming for you if you’re looking for a cheaper model that can only do the basic stuff. Obviously, if you want the best capabilities, you must be willing to pay for those premium features.


    • It comes with in-built front and rear antennae
    • It relies on a fast-acting DSP technology to quickly process all the information
    • It makes everything on the display easy to understand with directional arrows
    • It offers real-time protection with Escort live
    • It gives you clear audio alerts whenever there is a threat


  • It may be too expensive to your liking

If you are on the market to find the best radar detector and save yourself from those expensive tickets served by the law enforcement for over-speeding, pick one from the list above. We have shortlisted the top 10 radar detectors for you that check all the right boxes. Avoid the hassle of going through all the products on the market one by one. Just make a pick from the list above and rest assured that you have all the protection you need against speed guns and the cop cruisers as you drive your car.

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