Cookies Policy

The Cookie Policy on this page explains how we use cookies as well as other technologies, here at Mate Nut when you pay us a visit at This cookie policy explains all the technologies we use and why we use them, as well as the rights you have for controlling their use.

We reserve the rights to make changes to this policy anytime without prior notice. Always closely follow the date mentioned in front of “Last Revised” on top of the Cookie Policy page to see when the changes were made last time. Any and all the changes to this policy statement will take effect as soon as the revised Cookie Policy is updated here on this page.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies, pixel tags, or any other similar technologies – collectively called ‘cookies’ – are the small files that contain small chunks of information that are downloaded to the internet-enabled devices – like your smartphone, tablet, or computer system – whenever you visit some website. The cookies then come back to the website where they originated on all the subsequent visits, or they may go to other websites that recognize those cookies. Cookies can help accomplish various useful jobs, like remembering the preferences of the users, improving their online experience in general, and helping websites to bring the best services to the users in the future.

The cookies can have various different types and they all work in exactly the same manner. However, they do have minor differences among them. For a complete list of cookies that we use here at Mate Nut, refer to the relevant section below where they are described in detail.

The cookies we place on your computer are called the “first-party cookies.” Some third-party vendors can also place cookies and access them on your system and they are called the “third-party cookies”. There are some cookies that are referred to as “session cookies” and they make the temporary cookies which are stored on your device only when you are on our website. Different other cookies can be called as “persistent cookies” as they are stored for a certain period on your device even when you have left the website.

It is your choice whether to allow cookies or not and you can change your browser settings any time to avoid them. However, if the function is disabled (or you keep it disabled as part of your browsers’ default settings), you may not have the desired experience while you visit our website and some of the features may not properly work.

The Cookies We Use At Mate Nut

Here is a list of all the different Cookies which are used on our website. As much personal information may be collected through our first-party Cookies, it is covered under our Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy is complemented by it. However, any personal information collected with third-party Cookies will be subject to their individual privacy policy and not the Privacy Policy of Mate Nut.

Here are the cookies we use:

  • Essential Cookies: With the help of these cookies you can navigate through our website and use all our website features and services. If these essential cookies wouldn’t have been there, our site wouldn’t perform as swiftly as you’d have liked and it may not have been possible for us to offer you access to the website or some of its features and services.
  • Social Media Cookies: These cookies are used for enabling users to share the pages or content of our website that they may find interesting through third-party social media networking websites and other sites. We may also use these cookies for the purpose of advertising.
  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect any information on how you use our website, and allow us to make improvements to how it works. For instance, the Analytics Cookies help us find out the pages on our website that are visited the most frequently, allow us to record any problems you may face while browsing our website, and also show us if we are advertising effectively or not. With these cookies, we can notice all the usage patterns on our website from all the website users, instead of just one person usage. The information that comes from these cookies is used by us for analyzing the traffic our site receives, but we don’t examine the information received for anything that may individually identify our users.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies are meant to serve you with targeted advertisements and promotions depending on the interests you may have or for managing our advertising. The advertising cookies collect any information regarding the activities you perform on our website as well as other websites for providing you the targeted advertising tailored just for you.

How to Manage Cookies?

It is your choice whether you accept Cookies or not when you are browsing Mate Nut or some other website. You can change website settings on the chosen browser to refuse cookies from our website. The cookies are automatically accepted on most of the browsers, but normally you can change the browser settings for declining Cookies in case that’s preferable for you. Remember that when you opt-out from receiving Cookies, you might not be able to use different interactive features on the Site which rely on Cookies and may not even be able to login to our site either. All browsers have their own step by step procedure for enabling or disabling Cookies and you should do the steps as advised for your specific browser.

Keep in mind that when you have Cookies disabled, all the features of the website may not work as you’d like them to.

Some network advertisers, advertisement agencies and various vendors that we use for serving ads on the website, third-party sites and all over the internet, or any analytics providers who offer information to us about our website’s usage and the effectiveness of the ads served on our website are the members of Network Advertising Initiatives. If you want to opt-out of it and do not want to get interest-based adverts from all or some of our participating companies, you can always do that at will. You can also opt-out from Google Analytics by following the specific instructions on their ‘GA Opt-Out’ page.

When you opt-out of these ad-serving mechanisms, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be served any advertising anymore. We’ll still keep serving you ads from other participating companies as well as any advertising from the non-participating companies. Besides, the websites you visit might still collect certain information about your visits to various other purposes.

This Cookie Policy complements our Privacy Policy and is in accordance with any terms that might have been outlined therein. Nothing is exempted from the Privacy Policy or otherwise overridden, by a mention in this Policy.